Welcome to DCC Online

Damage Control Consulting is the operating name for services provided by Devin Hunter in the Portland metro area in the state of Oregon.

Here is a list of some of the services I provide:

  • Home desktop/laptop repair and maintenance.
  • Software recommendation and deployments.
  • Custom system builds from OEM parts.
  • Custom scripts for automation of common tasks (Powershell or WSH).
  • Consulting services to small businesses.
  • Customized training on computer operations.
  • Video editing and small production support.

My goal is to be a resource for users and businesses to help make educated choices. With the almost limitless number of solutions out there, it is important to take all aspects of new technology into consideration. I'm here to help break through the fog of confusion and help you stay focused on your work, not wasting time trying to fix your computer.

If you need help, the best way to contact me is through e-mail:

This page also serves as a repository of technology related topics that I find interesting. When I complete projects or find useful tools, I'll talk about them here. My hope is that others find this page useful and you are free to use what I have. The site is organized into the following sections:

Code Snippits - Where I store interesting pieces of code I have either written or has found.

Tech Tips - Things that a power user might want to know to make using computers easier.

Software - Where I dive into reviews, installation guides, and usage tutorials of interesting software titles.

Past Projects - Major projects that I have completed in the past.

Waddlebot- Curriculum that I am devleoping to teach RobotC programming to high school students.

You are welcome to use any of the advice or code snipits that are on this page.